About Niagara Belco Ltd.

Niagara Belco Ltd is a trusted and professional manufacturer of elevators and elevator doors with over 30 years’ experience, supplying the elevator industry with fire rated swing doors, accessibility lifts, residential elevators, marine passenger elevators, marine service elevators and LULA elevators. Niagara Belco Ltd is located in Hamilton, Ontario.

John Sonke, a principal owner of the company, is an EDM-A licensed mechanic and a former inspection manager for TSSA. His breadth of experience and strong relationships in the industry has created pathways to successful execution of projects and a solid reputation to deliver, overcoming obstacles whether material and manpower related or technical or ambiguous.

Niagara Belco’s in-house mechanical engineering team will create lift and door solutions tailored to your unique requirements and timelines. We work closely with our approved dealers, including the direct and timely communication of project information.

Niagara Belco’s employees are dedicated to customer satisfaction and commitment. We train our employees to perform at the high level. They deliver quality products and services every day. With that level of hands on experience our quality control and ability to execute premium craftsmanship is second to none.

Our equipment is designed to outlast and outperform the market status quo. We only use premium components and focus on ongoing process improvement, incorporating feedback from customers, dealers, and installation teams.

Hal Brant Elevator Services, a separate legal entity, is a sister company sharing our facilities. Hal Brant employs licensed elevator mechanics. They install, maintain and modernize lifting devices for Niagara Belco and all the manufacturers’ products. Their shared experiences with Niagara Belco allows us to stay in touch with the industry trends and technology. The Hal Brant team continuously trains to ensure a high level of performance to our customers.

Our control system is non-proprietary and uses components that are readily available anywhere in North America. No boards, No OEM, only components, which means repairs or replacements are quick and inexpensive with minimal downtime. We appreciate your commitment in purchasing our equipment but also recognize that you should have the freedom to move your maintenance or service if you wish. Many companies handcuff the service to the product, through our experience with Hal Brant we know firsthand how frustrating that can be.

We’re proud of our lift products and stand behind them with a 5 year warranty on major components and a lifetime warranty on structural components.

Thank you for your time and we hope to hear from you soon. Please call us toll free @ 1-844-389-2977 or 1-905-389-2977 or contact your local dealer.

Derek Moorse
General Manager
Niagara Belco

Niagara Belco Ltd101 Dartnall Rd, Unit 2AHamilton, Ontario

Quality Assurance

When you choose Niagara Belco you choose quality. Niagara Belco products are built by elevator people with elevator know-how. A commitment to excellence and hands on project management from start to finish is our pledge to you. Make Niagara Belco products a successful part of your next project, your satisfaction is guaranteed!


Niagara Belco stands by all their products and offers a limited 2-year & 5-year warranty* on all major components and a lifetime warranty on all structural components.

*For complete warranty details view Warranty pdf
warranty 2 year warranty 5 year warranty Lifetime

Contact Niagara Belco

Toll-free 1-844-389-2977
Telephone: 905-389-2977
Fax: 905-526-0258

Email: sales@niagarabelco.com

Mailing Address:

Niagara Belco Ltd
PO box 900 Stn LCD 1
Hamilton, Ontario
L8N 3P6

Certified & Respected

Niagara Belco, is a member of the National Association of Elevator Contractors (N.A.E.C.) and the Canadian Elevator Contractors Association (C.E.C.A.) since 1984.

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