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Niagara Belco is proud to be the distributor
of this fantastic new residential car gate

The Good Gate for residential elevators is a Patent Pending product that has numerous features which will make it easier to specify, order, stock, and integrate for your elevator packages.

A summary of the best features we have incorporated in this design are shown below.

We hope you like it as much as we do and please download our brochure for offline reference.

Standard Heights

GG Standard Height Image

We offer 80in, 84in, and 96inhigh carriage gates as standard. We can make custom heights but through some of the features highlighted below we think you should be able to avoid custom heights in most cases.

Two Standard Widths

With other carriage gate products you need to specify the number of panels or width of the gate fairly closely. This makes a gate fairly job specific.

The Good gate product has 2 standard widths, 36in and 45in.Due to the telescopic sliding panel arrangement the panels automatically adjust to the width you need, up to the maximum.

You simply need to set the stops in the upper track when you install the gate and this too can be seen in our installation manual.

Multi Sliding Panel Design

Upper Stops

Everyone is familiar with 2 and 3 panel sliding doors in modern elevators. Good Gate has taken that premise and applied it to carriage gates for residential elevators.

Through some innovative designs we have avoided the stumbling blocks of space and cost for standard sliding doors.

We can effectively deploy 4 and 5 panel carriage gates while still meeting the 3/4 x 4 code requirements in ASME A17.1/ CSA B44 - 2016. 

Patent Pending Support System

GG patent pending 300

How we are able to do this is a direct result of the way we have arranged the upper support system for the sliding panels.

This is a unique design and a very compact arrangement for a multi-panel gate arrangement while still maintaining a rigid structure.

Lower Track Included

GG Lower Track 300x139

Some companies ask you to purchase the track separately in odd lengths.

All our gate assemblies come with the lower track included with the correct length for the maximum gate opening. The track can still be modified to a short length easily but you won't have to figure out if you have off cuts sitting around from a previous order.

Anodized Aluminum Panel Frames

GG Built Up Panel 85 300x139

We use 6063 aluminum extrusions as the structural members of our gate with an clear anodized coating. This is the kind of high end architectural product that fits well with virtually any elevator cab interior.

Universal Left and Right Hand Design

GG left right

With other carriage gate products you need to specify the "handedness" of the gate. This leads to a long time before you can confirm the gate specification and also to significant delays if an error is made as you then need to order a whole new gate.

Good Gate has a design that allows you to alter the opening and closing "handedness". See our installation manual for details on this feature.

Finished Flooring Adjustable

GG Flooring Options 300x200

In most cases the finished flooring will have a significant impact on the finished interior height of the elevator cab. Due to the fact that the other products available mount from the ceiling interior this affects the height you need to specify.

In many cases the elevator flooring has not been decided until late in the cycle and this can put your carriage gate on the critical path....not a great place to be when the supplier slips on their delivery dates.

Good Gate has the upper mounting on the top of the carriage and as such the whole gate assembly can be shift up if the flooring thickness increases beyond expectations.

Just another little feature that makes it easier to work with!

Panel Finishes

Good Gate has a number of standard panel finishes that will allow you to find just the right accent for your elevator carriage design while maintaining a competitive cost position and code compliance.

GG Finishes

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