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Niagara Belco’s marine rated elevator products are designed for low rise small footprint shipboard applications. Ultra-compact, high capacity cantilevered design allows for minimal space, and multiple door configurations. Inline, Direct Through and 90 Degree.

Hydraulic enclosed drive systems allow for reliable performance, durability and superior safety for both coastal and inland water service applications. Inherently adding high duty cycle performance for peak traffic periods.

Modular construction requires no heavy lifting equipment for dockside refit situations. We provide full turn-key solutions, consultation or anywhere in-between. Ease of service through the use of commonly available materials and control components allows the owner choices when seeking service abroad.

We have engineered this product to be beneficial for new build or refit applications. Full CAD drop an go solutions provided to meet deadlines.

We have three different models to choose from, offering the right solution for your people flow requirments. 


If meeting accessibility requirement, choose the Marine LULA. 30 fpm at 1400lb cap. (Requires minimal pit and overhead) 7m travel.


For more efficient transfer of higher passenger volume, choose Marine F-LULA – n70fpm and 1400lb with 10m travel. (Where elevator regulations permit.)


Where the application demands higher speed and capacity, choose our Marine PACIFICA (passenger/PAX) or Marine WORX (Personnel/Service/Freight). 100fpm and up to 2000lb with 10m travel.

All Designed to meet latest requirements under ABS, Lloyds Register, DNV AND Compliant with regulations under ASME-A17.1 and Transport Canada’s CSA B44 as required for North American Registered Vessels.

Various pit depth options from as little as 12” which can also be installed as pit less when used with a raised lower deck landing platform. A very good alternative for accessibility refits where deck penetrations are undesirable or prohibitive.


Available with several A60 rated landing door configurations.

  • Centre opening sliding
  • Two Speed single slide
  • One speed single slide
  • Or, single panel swing style where ultra-compact hoistway design is required.

Several Hydraulic drive options

  • 1:2 Roped Single acting direct drive
  • Or, two stage telescopic.

Proud partner of the Marine Industry

Quality Assurance

When you choose Niagara Belco you choose quality. Niagara Belco products are built by elevator people with elevator know-how. A commitment to excellence and hands on project management from start to finish is our pledge to you. Make Niagara Belco products a successful part of your next project, your satisfaction is guaranteed!


Niagara Belco stands by all their products and offers a limited 2-year & 5-year warranty* on all major components and a lifetime warranty on all structural components.

*For complete warranty details view Warranty pdf
warranty 2 year warranty 5 year warranty Lifetime

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Niagara Belco, is a member of the National Association of Elevator Contractors (N.A.E.C.) and the Canadian Elevator Contractors Association (C.E.C.A.) since 1984.

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